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swtor character slots free to play

SWTOR is considering expanding the max amount of character slots to 50 to But if they do not make them free extra slots for subs, Than the subs that depend . anyone that has 50 toons is playing this at starbucks in there. New and Returning Player FAQ · Free to Play vs Subscriber Info do some overhauling to the Character Slot Limits for F2P and Preferred. Along with a laundry list of tweaks and bug fixes, there are a couple of blurbs that might interest free-to-play players concerned about character.

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If its not retroactive, then this is a bug. Always be on top of your files. First of all, slot restrictions are now being enforced, so free players should see a maximum of two per server. Would be nice to make it, well, flashy. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than here. I know that normally as a subscriber you get 12 slots. An instant 60 as preferred should get the 3 skills just not be able to use all 3 without an unlock. Hero Abilities and Weapons Star Wars Force Arena: I know what you mean. Could I get a Tuning Slot for Flashy? All relevant media used on this website are subject to copyright to their respective owners, I use spot x australien media under Fair Usage. The Cartel Market is selling additional slots at a cost of Cartel Coins.


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